We recently had the opportunity to help sell a home for an out-of-state owner who had very specific needs we were happy to accommodate. This home was listed at $290k and sold fast for $294k!

I recently sold a property in Williamsburg, VA, and I’d like to share my experience.

This was a out-of-state rental house that I had had for about 12 years. My long term tenant was unexpectedly relocated in January, and I waned to sell. But the timing was terrible, because I was a month away from leaving on a 6 week trip that would put me in a different time zone with only moderate access to the internet.

“No problem” said the agent. “I’ll take care of everything.” The house needed a lot. New kitchen, some carpet, many updates, paint. I chose cabinets, counters, sink, appliances at Home Depot and placed the order before I left the country.

My agent, Angela, indeed took care of the rest: let them as needed to measure, deliver materials, and do the work. When the installer discovered a mistake in measurement (which required another piece to be ordered and installed, both at additional cost) she called the kitchen designer at Home Depot, and when she didn’t get any results, elevated the issue to the store manager to get the right piece ordered and installed at no cost to me. I only found this out because I got strange email receipts from Home Depot and called to find out what was happening.

In addition to this “above and beyond” service, Angela provided something that we don’t see a lot of. She had a virtual army of contractors: handyman, painter, termite inspector, cleaners, and providers/installers of everything from carpets and garage doors to granite counters. That’s why she was able to “take care of everything”.

These people didn’t work for Angela, but it felt like they did. She would ask if I wanted to use “her guy” for each need that arose and when I agreed, Angela made the call, met them at the property to get estimates, negotiated prices, and supervised their work. Nothing was paid until she was satisfied. I approved the estimates that were sent to me but Angela did the rest.

Angela is tireless, cheerful, and knowledgeable about the market. If you ever have need of an agent in Williamsburg, VA, this is your person.

Deb Nicholls, Investment Property Owner

View photos of the home below:
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